Khalijiah NGFW® is a Secure, User-Friendly, and FreeBSD-based Firewall and Routing Platform

Khalijiah NGFW® presents a robust firewall and routing platform, built on the reliable foundation of FreeBSD. With a focus on security, ease of use, and flexibility, our solution delivers a comprehensive feature set comparable to high-priced firewalls, and often surpasses them. Enjoy the advantages of our verifiable source code while accessing the rich functionality typically found in commercial offerings.

Khalijiah NGFW® started back in 2015, releasing its first official release in January 2017. Throughout its development, we have maintained a steadfast commitment to security and code quality, driving the advancement of the project. As part of this dedication, we provide weekly security updates that swiftly address emerging threats, ensuring your system remains protected within an optimal timeframe.

Experience the reliability, versatility, and security of Khalijiah NGFW® as we continue to innovate and provide an exceptional firewall and routing solution. Join us on this journey as we prioritize your network’s safety and offer an intuitive platform designed to meet your evolving needs.

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