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shop.khalijiahngfw.com is a products shop by Khalijiah 

General terms & conditions of Khalijiah
25 King Fahd Branch Rd, Al Wurud, Riyadh 12215, Saudi Arabia

1. Conditions

Offers, Services and Sales of Khalijiah NGFW® products via their website, are made only pursuant to these conditions.

2. Prices

Prices are subject to change without notice.

3. Taxes and duties

Prices exclude Taxes and duties.

4. Privacy

The personal information you enter on this site will be used for the purpose you supplied the requested information (info request and/or order of products/services).
Besides the above purpose Khalijiah uses the information in order to enhance our service to you.
Your information will only be supplied to third parties when required to fulfil your order.

5. Orders

Orders may be rejected for any reason. Payments made by customers will be refunded in this case.

6. Inventory

Inventory is only an indication.

7. Shipping & Delivery

Shipping cost will be added automatically during checkout.
Delivery dates are only an indication.

8. Transport risk

The transport risk transfers to Customer once the product is handed to the carrier.

9. Returns

When you are not satisfied with your purchase from our web shop you can return your products within 30 days.

The conditions for returning your product are:

  • Only physical products can be returned.
  • Only 1 unit can be returned.
  • Return the complete product with all supplied accessories (like power supply, cabling, etc).
  • Return the product in its original box to Khalijiah NGFW® within 30 days of delivery. As the date of delivery we use the date as provided by our carrier.
  • Only undamaged and complete returned products are viable for refunding the purchase amount minus shipping costs.
  • The shipping cost of returning the product is the responsibility of the customer.

10. Warranty

The warranty period is one year unless otherwise noted. At its discretion, AlkhalijiahNGFW may repair the product, replace it with an equivalent new or refurbished product, or refund the purchase price. Customer is responsible for backing up any data.

Excluded from warranty is any damage to the product caused by or resulting from:

  • Normal Wear
  • Theft of parts, dislocations, an excessive dusty environment, neglect by Customer, dysfunctional power or network, exposure to chemicals, extreme conditions or injudicious use by Client
  • Insufficient maintenance
  • Repairs and/or modifications to the product which have not been carried out by Khalijiah NGFW® or its forehand approval
  • (Direct or indirect) a so-called “computer virus” Errors and disruptions resulting from software or from illegal software copies are excluded from warranty.
  • Khalijiah NGFW® does not provide warranty for software code and delivers software as-is.

If a product malfunctions within the warranty period the product is eligible for our RMA (Return Material Authorization) procedure.
If you think your product is malfunctioning and needs repair, please send an email to contact@khalijiahNGFW.com containing:

  • Name and address info of customer
  • Original order or invoice number
  • Description of problem
Our support department will contact you by mail and/or phone with further instructions.
Please don’t ship anything to us without prior notice.

Returning for repair or replacement is based on the carry-in and return principle. If repair of your product is necessary you can send the product including relevant accessories like power supply to Khalijiah NGFW® at the address at the bottom of this page. The shipping cost and risk of sending the package to us is solely the responsibility of the customer. Khalijiah NGFW® will ship the repaired or replacement product to the customer if the RMA is accepted as a warranty issue.

11. Liability

Khalijiah NGFW® shall not be liable for any sum greater than the amount paid to it for the goods or services sold, in the event of any loss, cost or damage caused by, arising out of, or related to, the goods or services rendered. Customers’ sole and exclusive remedy in the event of an error or defect is limited to the correction of the error or defect by adjustment, replacement, or repair, at Khalijiah NGFW’s election. In no event shall Khalijiah NGFW be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including lost profits and loss of data. Customers are advised to back up all data regularly.

12. Ownership

Goods supplied remain the property of Khalijiah NGFW until paid in full. Software, services or any type of licence only grants you the right to use it for a specified duration. In cases where no duration is specified, the right to use the software, service or licence is granted until further notice. For software or services without a specified usage term a notice will be given at least 30 days in advance. For software, licences or services with a specified duration it’s your sole responsibility to renew the service or licences on time.

13. Payment terms

Payment is due before delivery.

When applying for subscriptions you explicitly agree that any new terms may be charged to your account or credit card when due or 30 days in advance for annual or longer term subscriptions. In case a new term cannot be charged Khalijiah NGFW may terminate any service at the end of the previously, paid for, term. Khalijiah NGFW is not in any way obligated to renew any subscription automatically.

Payments can be made by using one of the following options (please note that not all options are available in each country):
13.1. Credit Cards
13.1.a. American Express
13.1.b. Mastercard
13.1.c. Visa
13.2. Online Bank transfer
13.3. Offline Bank transfer

14. Applicable law

Kingdom of Saudi law is applicable on all deliveries, goods and services unless stated otherwise in the applicable End User Licence Agreement.

15. Export control

The Customer is not allowed to export or re-export, directly or indirectly, to any countries that are subject to export restrictions of either the EU, UK or USA. Customer acknowledges that, before exporting or reexporting, any Product, the Customer is responsible for determining if the Product is controlled, prohibited or restricted for export or import and to obtain any license to export, re-export, or import as may be required by Trade Control Laws.
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