A-220 Rack Security Appliance


Rack mountable appliance, the full package at an affordable price. Exceptional performance for datacenters & enterprises.

Processor i5-9400 8×intel i225
 NIC 8X2.5G
RAM 32gb
SFP 2x10G
Power Supply Redundant (dual power supply)

Safeguard your business network and ensure secure connections. From the stateful inspection firewall to the inline intrusion detection & prevention system, all features are provided at no additional cost. Optimize network performance with the traffic shaper and give priority to your voice over IP traffic. Your configuration will be automaticallybacked up to the cloud, eliminating the need for manual backups.

School networks:
Allocate and distribute the accessible bandwidth uniformly among students while employing category-based web filtering to eliminate undesirable traffic, including adult content and malicious sites. The setup is straightforward and doesn’t necessitate any extra plugins or packages. Educate on security practices or utilize our development documentation to illustrate how a Model Viewer Controller functions.

Hotels & Campings:
Hotels and campsites commonly employ a captive portal to grant guests (paid) internet access for a specified period. Guests are required to log in using vouchers, which they can purchase or receive for free at the reception. AlKhalijiah NGFW features an integrated captive portal with voucher functionality, allowing the seamless creation of vouchers on the go.

On the road:
Even while traveling, AlKhalijiah NGFW proves to be a valuable asset for your business, providing a secure open VPN and IPSec solution with road warrior support. The user-friendly client exporter simplifies the configuration of your VPN SSL client setup effortlessly.

Remote Offices & SOHO:

Leverage the integrated site-to-site VPN (IPsec or SSL VPN) feature to establish a secure network connection between your remote offices.Benefit from the straightforward setup and access the comprehensive online documentation, including simple how-to articles, to swiftly initiate your network configuration.


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